XE Currency App review


XE Currency App review

What XE Currency App does

XE is the app of XE.com the currency exchange site. Its purpose is to give you the mid-market exchange rate of the currencies you need.

For each currency you can display a graph with the evolution of the price for a period going from 1 day to 1 year. Very convenient as well. You can select various points of the graph with your finger and the value at the time is immediately displayed.

User Interface

The user Interface of XE App is dead simple. You have on your screen the list of currencies you are interested in. You pick one of reference. You select the amount of reference and it displays the equivalent amounts in the other currencies.

I have used this app for several years now and if I find it very convenient in terms of result, I always found it very irritating in terms of speed. Selecting a base currency from your list and entering an amount is annoyingly slow. I’d wish the screen effects to be much faster. The speed of refreshing the currencies values is great and one cannot complain about it at all.

The app is advert based and therefore free of charge. I never found the adverts to be disruptive. If you prefer a version adverts free, you can grab the Pro version. It will remove the ads and provide a couple of new features. It will cost you €1.79.


To keep things simple, I have used this app for years and never found any other app to replace it. This one is free, precise and simple. I use it daily, several times and could hardly do without it now. If I had to pay for it, I’d probably buy it anyway.


This is one of the rare app I have that I really use all the time. As I deal with several countries and several currencies on daily basis, it is a must have. The interface could really be updated at least for speed.  I’d appreciate some statistical tools like a moving average as well. All in all, it is an app one needs without hesitation.