WeatherPro Review


WeatherPro review

WeatherPro is a key app because it is so necessary and useful to be aware of the weather forecast and have precise warnings and accurate indications. People have always needed this information for many reasons from agriculture to travelling by sea, air or ground and this with as much accuracy as possible. And this is exactly what WeatherPro does so let’s look at this app in some more detail, shall we?

What is WeatherPro

WeatherPro, by MeteoGroup Deutschland GmbH, is a weather forecast application that will give you the weather and many details at the location you choose for 7 days ahead by increment of 3h and 14 days by increment of 1h if you buy the Premium in-app purchase.

WeatherPro is designed in a way that gives you as much information concerning the weather as possible meaning that any detail you would inquire about should be included. This can help you make decisions such as: is today a good day for the beach? It can help you decide last minute holiday locations depending on your criteria, for example, you categorically refuse to go on a beach with more than 30km of wind and a “felt temperature” under 20 degrees celsius.

To be concise, it tells you everything you could possibly want to know and even more about the weather at your chosen location.

User Interface

First of all you should know there are no adds, even in the basic version! That is very positive. Saying that, the user interface will take a moment to grasp completely, but that is because of the large amount of information you have the possibility of accessing. For all the core functionalities, it is very well done and easy to use. And it is very well possible that the advanced features are well accessible but I rarely use them and forget from one time to another.

However, you will get used to it. It is also very likely, that on a daily basis you will only use the core functions.
 These core functions are easily accessible via 5 main tabs: weather, favourites, maps, rad/sat and “more”.

On a daily basis, Weather Pro opens on the last city you have checked. It displays a list of forecast for 7 or 14 days depending on your Premium status. Each element of the list presents:

  • the date,
  • an icon that summarises the weather that day,
  • the min and max temperature,
  • the number of hours of sun during the day,
  • the probability of rain, the level of rain in milimetres,
  • the wind speed and its direction,
  • a possible alert icon (thunderstorm, heat, wind).

This is a really complete summary. It is very readable and well thought.

You can then select any of these days and it will display a detail of that day with a couple more core info like:

  • Speed of wind gusts,
  • UV level
  • Start of day light
  • End of day light
  • A quick view of night weather before day light
  • A quick view of the night weather after day light

It is then displaying a list again of the weather summary of the day like the previous list, but increment by increment (3h or 1h for Premium)

Then, of course, this is not enough. If you select any f these hours, a new page is displayed with even more info like the hPa pressure or the relative humidity.

One nice feature if you happen to check regularly multiple places, is that at the first level, when the list of days is presented, if you simply swipe the page, it will switch to the next or prebious location of your list of favourite places.Very handy indeed.

And of course the graphic quality of all of this is very high, even the radar videos are impressive.


  • 3-hourly forecast for one week ahead with: temperature, wind direction and speed, precipitation amount and probability, relative humidity and air pressure. This is a lot of information and should answer all your questions for example: will I need a jacket to go out? Is there enough wind to go sailing?
  • List of your chosen favourite locations. This will save you time obviously as it would be quite a hindrance if you had to search for your city every single time.
  • Alerts and warnings for extreme weather. Can save you from disasters
  • Possibility of connection to your own personal weather station. Not sure if you would want to go through the trouble of setting this up but if you want to: it’s available.
  • A global satellite. This gives you the general weather in major cities and can give you a general idea of what the weather is like in different countries.

WeatherPro review

  • Animated radar for the USA, Europe and Australia. Can be good if you want to have an view of the global weather and an idea of which directions the clouds are going.
  • A More section which includes:
    • Weather news
    • Weather Forecast (UK)
    • Air Pressure Map
    • Beach weather (Europe)
    • And also Precipitation Forecast, Windstream Animation, Forecast Video, Mountain and hiking weather, Beach Weather in North- and Baltic Sea, The Mediterranean, The Canary Islands, The Caribbean and a UV index in PREMIUM mode.

WeatherPro review WeatherPro review

iPhone Example

The following Slide Show presents the basic screens one would get for a specific place. We selected Rome, Italy as it was presenting weather alerts at the time of this review. You have 12 different screens (13 slides as one is at 2 different scales). Have a look and click on an image to see it full size:


How useful

How useful? Well that probably also depends on the person and habits but WeatherPro clearly scores highly here no matter what. The weather affects everyone and being aware can be extremely practical and even a lifesaver. For example imagine you are about to go to a holiday destination and as you pack you check the weather to see if the evenings might get a bit windy and you need a jumper and then you discover that there is a red alert for dangerously strong winds and you need to reorganise your vacation. Saves some time, money and problems no? Maybe this scenario sounds extreme, but only this summer in Europe, the Wind and thunderstorm were such that it was worth knowing before planning some days on the coast.  On a less dramatic note, maybe you are organising a party and you need to decide between inside or outside. This app will come in handy then too. I know because I’ve used it for that purpose as well.

WeatherPro reviewMoreover this app is extremely adequate for world wide use with a great number of locations as even very small cities and places will be found and it is not only the main big cities of a country.

Also it might be interesting for you to know that when you go to the “Maps” option it is not obvious that it is worldwide but you simply need to zoom in or out with two fingers. Furthermore you can ask for a focus on your current location by tapping the icon that your phone also uses as the location icon so no confusion there.

Now, if you are wondering about the iPhone-iPad differences then I can clarify that very easily. The main difference is on the first page where the key weather information is given, there is nothing more, nothing less but you can just see more of it at the same time without tapping as much. The iPad screen estate allows for more graphics, better overview and a more comfortable experience. We are using both versions and when we have the 2 devices handy, we then tend to use the iPad version. This is especially true about the wind, rain and sunshine representation. The iPad version allows for a graphical hourly view of the evolution at first glance. It makes it easier to grab the situation in one go. As you understand, if you get the iPhone version first, you will quickly get the iPad one as well if you have an iPad.

However a comparison that would present more differences would be the one between WeathePro and the weather app that is given by default with your device. As you probably understand by now the app we are discussing here is very developed and full of information and details and is very practical. Therefore if you compare it to the default weather app which gives you a two words description, “partly cloud”, humidity, wind, chance of rain and what the temperature feels like you will see that this is much more accurate as well since the default app is 5 days in advance? And of course that isn’t too bad for a free app but if you require a little bit more accuracy, detail and length of available foresight then you will surely agree that WeatherPro is much better qualified to tick every requirement box.

Extra Note

The Premium option does bring you an hourly detail of the weather instead of 3-hourly and you get 2 weeks of forecast ahead instead of one.

If you don’t feel you need this, that makes sense of course but be warned that if you try out Premium you notice immediately when it expires since you get used to the extra info. And personally I use the Premium without any second thoughts as you have that extra detail and even though the weather for 14 days ahead is not completely exact this app is very trustworthy and will in most cases be accurate. Not saying a mistake is impossible but as a general rule you can trust the information you are given and consider it accurate. I take is as very accurate for 3 days and reliable for a week. Beyond that, statistics and models are not very good anyway. The best feature, from my experience is the hourly info. One gets used to that level of detail very quickly.

WeatherPro is also connected to a Sister App with Meteo Earth. The purpose of Meteo Earth is to make the Meteo nice and enjoyable. This is the purpose of another review.

Bugs/No bugs

No bugs encountered, WeatherPro is definitely a thorough well thought-through app.


Must Have App

Must Have App Award

This could easily categorise as a Must Have App considering the nature of it, the function it carries out and the very high quality of it. It does what a weather app should do but actually gives you so much more information than a basic “sunny, 25 degrees”. It will then be rewarded with our “Must Have App” award.

Also there is a certain guarantee in this app since we have noticed the updates are very regular.

However the one negative point that could be made is that the iPad version is €1 more and the Premium is quite expensive: €1.79 for 3 months and €5.49 for 12 months. Saying that, you can use this Premium license on 5 different devices. The whole family can benefit from one license.

Perhaps you do not feel that this is too much but it will always expire and you might end up feeling like the payment for this app is never ending. But you are not obligated to this option in any way and WeatherPro is a great app without Premium too and the many options, quantity of information and obvious hard work that has been put into this make this a top quality app fit for the must have section since WeatherPro impressed us all the way.


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