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UltraTube Pro

The reason we all need an app like UltraTube Pro is because we all want to listen to music and/or watch videos. One of the pillars of Apple products such as the iPhone or iPad is that they can do a great amount of things. And therefore, since there is an App for almost anything, it is reasonable of us to expect a high quality App for what will probably be one of the main things you do with your device. Obviously you can use this for things other than music, as it can it can be any kind of videos, but that would probably be the main reason.UltraTube Pro review

What is UtlraTube Pro

UltraTube Pro is a player for Youtube, Vimeo and Dailymotion. You may create playlists, browse videos and search all 3 sites. What makes this App stand out is that one search will give you access to results from all 3 sites simultaneously. You can also log into your existing accounts which will give you access to your playlist on your device. If you would like a comparison to a similar App it would be iTube. These apps have all the classic features which include shuffle, repeat and background playback. However UltraTube Pro is one level above because of all the extra options and the more complex user interface.

User Interface

The user interface is great. It allows a lot of things but is presented to you and explained by the tutorial in a most simple way.

Firstly, you have all the main tabs on the left screen and these includes: search, Top videos, Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Mini Player, Playlist, Favorites, Settings, FAQ.

Search will obviously let you research what you want and give you results for all three sites. Top videos will give you the afore mentioned for all three sites.

If you decide to Browse Youtube you may log in to your account (this is true for all three) and you can make a search or look at particular categories which are: Film & Animation, Cars & Vehicles, Music, Pets & Animals, Sport, Travel & Events, Gaming, People & Blogs, Comedy, Entertainment, News & Politics, Howto & Style, Education, Science & Technology, Non-profits & Activism. I will not bore you by listing the exact categories of the other two sites as I am sure that is not what you want to read about and you understand the jist of the idea. The one problem with this is that the list of categories is very long and you cannot scroll them up. This ultimately means you have to perform some sort of acrobatic feat with your device to select the last 2 categories.

The Mini Player allows you to keep listening and even watch the video whilst researching other things, working on playlists, setting graphic quality, anything really. It is also what allows you to pause the video easily.

Within the Playlist section the Favorites is there by default. You will be able to create your own playlist of course. One of the great elements of the design of UltraTube Pro is that you can do a lot by swiping. You simply need to swipe left to add to favorites, long swipe left to add to playlist, swipe right to play video and long swipe right to play the video and add it to favorites. When creating a playlist you have the choice to cache the videos to device or not to. This, in my opinion, is a great option and addition to this app.

In the Settings you may set the following:

  • Youtube quality between Low, Medium, High, HD 720p and HD 1080p
  • Vimeo quality between Standard and HD
  • DailyMotion quality between Low, Medium, High and HD 720p
  • Youtube 3G quality with the same list of options as before
  • Vimeo and DailyMotion 3G quality also with their respective previous lists.
  • Whether or not to cache playlist on 3G
  • Whether or not to autostart videos in full-screen

Finally, the FAQ with a list of 20 possible questions from “How to restore purchase” to “How to share a video link” via “”How to sync playlists”. I find this list to be composed of quite pertinent questions and with clear straightforward answers provided.




  • One search will give you results for Youtube, Vimeo and Dailymotion
  • Create playlists
  • Add videos to playlist as you browse by swiping
  • FAQ section
  • Video quality options
  • Continuous playback, background playback
  • Mini Player
  • Re-order Videos in playlist
  • Repeat, shuffle
  • Use existing accounts and import playlists
  • Supports AirPlay
  • Works on iPhone and iPad
  • Tutorials
  • Videos which have been added to a playlist will be highlighted to avoid putting same video in playlist twice

How useful

In my opinion, UltraTube Pro is an essential utilities App for iPhone or iPad. Perhaps it is not the case for you but I believe we need to use all these websites on a regular basis. For example if someone mentions a song or any video and you want to look it up quickly your chances of finding it on at least one of the three are very high. And you might even want to make good use of the AirPlay option and play your playlist like that.

Also one the most important elements for me personally is that you can use it without internet. Now what I mean here is that when I turned Internet off I could still play my favorites and playlist. This is without a doubt what makes this useful for me. This option is what I described in Unser Interface about caching playlist. Because browsing all 3 websites at the same time and creating playlists is all very good, but I personally use it most outside of wifi zones and would not want to spend my whole 3G for this. In effect this combination of complexity (concerning all the options) and simplicity (concerning the ease of use) is a great mix and makes UltraTube Pro very useful indeed.

Bugs/No bugs

Sadly, this section will not be blank, it would have been too perfect no? The most simple to describe problem is when UltraTube Pro “Quit unexpectedly”. This is indescribably frustrating for me since I have iTube and the exact same thing happens there too; not a good trend I’d say. You can usually sense this will happen, and this is the second bug, when one part of the screen is “frozen”. For example you go to your playlist and then tap on “Search” or “Vimeo” or anything really and the right side of the screen will still show you your playlist. This is truly disappointing coming from such a thought though and complete App.


In conclusions, I believe this app to be one of the best of its kind. In terms of being complex and thought through it is simply great. And it can appeal for all sorts of different uses as it offers a wide range of possibilities. However it is the few sloppy mistakes, such as the inability the truly scroll down in the categories and the bugs described previously, which drag UltraTube Pro down.