iTube Pro – Review


iTube Pro Review

Nowadays, nothing exists if it does not exist within the Social Media world. In these social media environment, a long list of businesses have been built on the back of their successes. iTube Pro is one of these apps: it is offering services on top of YouTube. It could be compared to UltraTube Pro (see my review), another YouTube based app.

What is the added value of iTube Pro, compared to the bare use of YouTube? Let’s investigate.

What is iTube?

iTube Pro, by Shulamit Markish, as you have now guessed is linked to YouTube. The very purpose of iTube Pro is to allow the use of YouTube resources offline. We all know that video is consuming a lot of bandwidth and that a good Wi-Fi will do better than 3G and very importantly, cost less. iTube allows you to solve that problem. But it has another displayed purpose: (music) list management. So, not only you can get access to your chosen videos offline but you can also manage lists of videos with various purposes.

In short, you can research anything that would be on YouTube and all you need to do is listen to the music or watch the video once and it will automatically download it (within the app) to your iPhone or iPad meaning you will no longer need an internet connection for it.

As stated by Shulamit Markish, the obvious purpose of this is music as you have the possibility to create playlists and a list of favorites but I suppose you can also create a playlist of funny videos or whichever topic you like. You could very well use it to watch The Apprentice episodes or car reviews or anything else.

User interface

iTube ReviewThis app is very simple to use there are no complications whatsoever.  As you launch the app you can either research, go back to what is already playing, go into your history, your favorites or playlist. Basically, you get just about enough options to feel in charge without being overwhelmed.

If you research something and play it, it will at the same time load like any normal video would on the internet except that once it is loaded you can keep it, forever.

Furthermore, when you research you can either have videos appear by: relevance, published, view count, playlists and channels.

The possibility of creating playlists and favorites is a real plus in my opinion as you therefore do not have to scroll through your whole history, which will end up getting quite fat if you use this app as much as I do.

Overall the user interface is simple, it isn’t an outsanding beautiful design it’s just simple and practical.


  • Research videos
  • Create playlists
  • Listen or watch elements that have been downloaded with no internet
  • Create a list of favorites
  • Delete videos you no longer want to listen to or watch in your history or from playlists or favorites

How fun and useful?

iTube ReviewThe strongest feature here is that you can have whatever is on YouTube downloaded meaning you do not need an Internet connection. If you decide to create a list of songs you can use it without any problems whilst running or other activities outside of your Wi-Fi zone. Or you might want to Download every episode of an Apprentice season before a long trip and then delete it from the memory, not taking up any space on your iTunes or device.

Also this means that you can save a lot of money by simply downloading from YouTube and not buy the songs on iTunes. Not a bad consequence, you will agree.

Bug / No Bug

We did not encounter any very annoying bug during our long use of iTube Pro. We need to restart it from time to time, though. Not a show stopper at all.


Even though the app does need to be relaunched from time to time it is no big deal as it is very good value for money. One of the apps I personally use and appreciate the most, for music mainly but also other uses. I therefore strongly recommend this app as it is not only extremely useful and fun but also extremely cheap.

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