Fitness Point Pro


Fitness Point Pro

Being fit and healthy is an essential part of life for many. And the more serious you are about your health and sports the more you will end up needing apps such as Fitness Point Pro to help you follow and evaluate your progress.

What is Fitness Point Pro

Fitness Point Pro, by Ilya Mosesyan, allows you to create personal workouts and note your performances and also compare these and other factors such as the size of different muscles and your weight.

With this app you can actually observe your progress instead of just estimating it as you would if you didn’t use this thanks to the log and graph. One of the positives of Fitness Point Pro is that it comes with a list of exercises for each muscle group and also some cardio and stretching content. All of these come with an animated image, a highlight of what muscles are affected and a quite detailed description of how to perform the exercise in question.

User interface

Firstly, I should let you know that it took me a few moments to actually grasp how the app works and to be able to use it with ease. It is not particularly complicated and is designed in a way to make it easy to be honest but the nature of the app means that there are quite a few options. However you will find that once you’ve discovered all the tabs and options it is all straightforward and simple.

Fitness Point Pro

Fitness Point Pro is constituted of 5 main tabs: Exercises, Workout, Log, Extras and More.

Fitness Point Pro Fitness Point ProFitness Point Pro

However this is only in appearance since you will find that if you go into the more section you also have Body stats and Settings and this is were a most practical and ingenious option becomes available; if you tap the edit button you will see and that actually have the possibility of organizing your tabs. This means that you can choose 4 options to have as main tabs and 2 will remain in the More tab and to be honest this came as a nice surprise and opens quite a few possibilities. Firstly, you can now get rid of the Extras tab which consists of solely in-app purchases, which are not even relevant to this review, and you can see with time what arrangement is most practical and feels most comfortable.

In the Exercise section you have the option between: All Exercises, Abdominals, Arms, Back, Chest, Shoulders, Legs, Cardio and Stretch. Each of these contains a list of exercises corresponding to the muscle group with an image, highlight of muscles involved and a detailed description as mentioned earlier.

Fitness Point Pro Fitness Point ProFitness Point Pro


  • Exercises belonging to each section with 3 sections: image, muscle, description
  • Possibility of creating your own workout
  • Possibility of adding new exercises to the overall Exercises list with your own chosen image, description etc
  • Possibility of editing already existing exercises
  • Possibility of observing the graph corresponding to a particular exercise
  • Log with a calendar and whatever exercises you have done each day
  • Possibility of adding time to the detail of your exercise as well as reps and weight
  • Possibility of using the iCloud to save data
  • Option of sharing your workout on twitter and facebook (obviously not the most useful option since that’s not what’s going to keep you healthy but I guess it is still an option)
  • Body tracker with name, weight, height and size of different muscles
  • Graphs showing your evolution for a workout/exercise
  • Choice of 15 languages (English, Arabic, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Polish Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Turkish)- Personally I believe this is a great addition to the app as broadens its practicality and demonstrates how universal it is for someone to need a tracker.

How useful

If I said this is an app everyone needs to have and is just necessary for everyday life it would obviously be a lie. However if you are researching fitness apps and such it most probably means that you feel the need for an app that will help you stay organised. And also plan and record workouts and offer the possibility of comparing your performances with a thought through yet simple to use interface in which case I would recommend this app yes. The pure practical side is obvious; it is most likely that you already have your phone with you when exercising for music or for any reason really and well taking this app with you will not inconvenience you in any way.

Bugs/No bugs

No bugs noticed but you should know that if you leave the app for example to change your music when you go back Fitness Point Pro will often reload and go back to the first page automatically however if you are in the middle of adding data this does not seem to happen.


To be honest at first this app just seemed slightly complicated and average but as I used it more it seemed better and better with nice surprises throughout such as the tab option, the graph and large amount of exercises that this app includes. Arguably however you could say that this is what should be expected since the price is quite high.

Nevertheless this is most certainly a good app and it might be interesting to compare to other apps aiming to do the same in the future but for now it is definitely really good as you can feel that work has been put into this and that it has been thought through and most probably actually tested by people who really need an app like Fitness Point Pro.

In fewer words: if you want to take your fitness seriously and no matter what your aim is (muscle growth, endurance etc…) you should make your life easier and use and app like this and Fitness Point Pro is perfectly fit for that.

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