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Interview of Vincent Victoria Studios

When publishing a review of an app, BlahBlapp tries to get the full story. That means contacting the Studios and ask them to answer some questions. This is what we did with Vincent Victoria after reviewing Jewel Next HD. As most Indies studios kindly do, they have nicely accepted our invitation for this interview. Here again, you get to know how a small team is going from an idea to hitting the App Store with a fully developed app. And believe me, you want to read this one until the very end. Do not miss Vincent Victoria’s punch line! BlahBlapp

 Vincent Victoria Logo

Vincent Victoria Logo

Where did the initial idea come from?

Victoria used to play Bejeweled 2 a lot during the summer in 2011. And I got interested on the genre. We played many different match-3 games and noticed that most of the games are about ‘destroying’. We wanted flip that. Then we started to build on the idea of ‘creating.’

What was the size of the team

Just two of us: Vincent and Victoria. Vincent Yoo: I do all of the coding and handle marketing stuffs. Victoria Lee: she does all the graphics. We discuss over pretty much everything and since we have different views, it helps us not to fall on one-sided idea. By the way, Victoria has a very sharp eye on spotting ‘something’s not right here.’ It helped a lot on improving gameplay experience.

How long did it take from the first idea to the version 1



We started to work on the game in October 21th 2011. The first version was delayed because we were also working on two other games. Anyway, the first playable version was done in November 13: And in December 8th 2011, the game started to look like current version:JewelNext-2nd


Was the project funded by external resources?

No. We funded ourselves by savings from our previous jobs.

In which country was your app the most successful?

USA accounts for 30% of our revenue. All other countries account for less than 10% each. However, it’s not a financial success as the revenue doesn’t even amount to our monthly salary in our last job.

What is the future of the App/Brand like

We have two more games in development: a strategy game and another puzzle game. We will strive to finish those games. We will also work on productivity apps as side projects.

694 times!

There’s a person who played the game through the end 694 times. Six hundred ninety four times! I would like to thank the person for enjoying the game so much!!

Jewel Next Logo

What was the hardest part of the project?

Jewel Next ReviewMarketing. We had years of game development experiences, but it was the first time we did on ourselves. I didn’t know how to approach to media people, how to do press releases and etc. I studied a lot on this subject but failed to execute well. By the way, thanks BlahBlapp for approaching us! You’re so kind 😉

What was the most enjoyable part of the project?

Wow. Upon reading this question, all the days we worked on this project passes by. Everything was enjoyable. We worked hard. We did more than we could do.

A couple of anecdotes on the project.

There’s a person who played the game through the end 694 times. Six hundred ninety four times! I would like to thank the person for enjoying the game so much!! Another one on estimating schedules: which we are really bad about. We thought we could release the game in 3 months. But then we forgot about sounds. Creating sound effects was a daunting work which we had no clue about. And we forgot about building a homepage which took us two months. And then we forgot about creating a launch trailer which took us another month since we knew nothing about video-editing. People, it’s really an adventure only without canoes and ropes.

Please tell your App story freely

I and Victoria got married while developing the game. We had many up and downs but I thank God for everything and especially for the marriage!

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