The Room App Review


The Room – App Review

I picked The Room because the design was interesting and the gameplay was looking good. I never played a game like this before and I was curious to try.

This curiosity was a good thing and I will now tell you why.


The Room is a Puzzle! The purpose of the game is to find some sort of secret message embedded inside furniture full of secrets. You are in the shoes of someone looking for information that is well hidden inside old safe-like objects. You have to open drawers, align objects, look through magic glasses, pull, shift, twist, rotate, etc. One after the other, the various locks will open to deliver a new hint to what to do next.

Thanks to the great 3D modeling done by the developers, you really think you are manipulating the objects. It is complex enough to be challenging and when you struggle too much, you can get help from the game. Even the help is often a riddle or a question. The difficulty is just right to want to find, struggle a bit and ultimately find the secrets.

How Nice?

This question is very simple to answer to: it is very nice to look at. The 3D models are great in details and even though very detailed, you can manipulate them in real time without any lag (on an iPad 4). The lighting might be a little too “direct” in the sense that the shadow can look a bit dark at time, but this is really not a problem.

The objects designed are also very nice in themselves. They really look like a craftsman made them for some rich people of the past. No detail is spared, everything is well thought.

How Easy?

The Room Game ReviewIt takes about 3mn to understand how it works and it took only a few minutes more to my 7-year-old daughter to master the game. Interestingly, she loved the game and spent hours playing with it.

In terms of audience, parents tired of noisy action games could very well earn a few hours of peace with this game. On the top of that, it is likely that everyone will want to take the challenge in the family. I’d say that 7-years-old is very likely the minimum required.

How Fun?

When I started the game, I had no real idea of what I was after. There is a letter at the start from someone starting to reveal some sort of amazing secret. The atmosphere is half Templars, half Alchemist, half Spiritualist (I know, this is a lot of halves!). But if the gameplay is nice and pleasant, I have to admit I totally missed the plot. I did not get the point and never really got interested in it. This might just be me, as I have no problem to say that the team has put some effort in the scenario. The consequence was that after 3 levels of the game I started to wonder what on earth I was running after. If opening secret drawers is fun, I would have liked to appreciate my findings. I did not. The fact that the game ended with a kind of “no end” scenario did not help.

But beyond this question if understanding the quest, the game remains very pleasant nonetheless.

——–Update September 15th 2013———-

I see that the developers have just added an epilog to the game, so this might be the answer to the mystery.

——–End Update——————————-


The Room is a unique game at the day of writing this review, or at least I never encountered any other of the sort on my iPad. It is well done. It takes a few hours to solve and all these hours are pleasant. The game has been thought for tablets and performs extremely well on it.

I do recommend to give it a try.