Tesla’s Electric Mist Review


Tesla’s Mist Review

What is it?

In one word Tesla’s Mist is a puzzle. You are in a world and you have to go around searching for particular objects that will help you advance in the game. If you know The Room you will immediately compare it to that and if you enjoyed it you might enjoy this one too.


Unlike The Room the world here is much bigger as you have a full house and many other buildings, you will also search for

Tesla reviewobjects in a small town.  You will often need to solve codes on doors to then enter and add objects to your little bag and this is a positive point as it brings variation to the game with a mix of searching, codes and also puzzles to solve.

You don’t always know what exactly you are searching for and you might feel like you are not being guided at all but there is a complete hint section that can help you through different steps and there is always a sentence or two that gives you instructions when you have puzzles and codes to solve.

How nice?

To be honest the graphic design isn’t particularly impressive, not intolerable either but nothing amazing. The objects have details on them of course but the graphics aren’t something you would notice and appreciate in particular as there isn’t a strong sense of reality (or at least that’s what it feels like after playing The Room which has amazing graphics), which could have been created by moving shadows and even more refined images.

So nothing extremely beautiful here and this isn’t a great plus to this game even though it is decent.

How easy?

Well the long list of hints can help you if you are stuck but overall this game doesn’t present any mind boggling puzzles for grown ups it might just be hard to find the right objects sometimes. However for a child some things can take a long time before being solved which is good as I believe you would want a game to last quite some time if you’re going to buy it for your kid. If you are going to play this yourself you should know that the game will be over in a few hours.

Therefore in terms of audience perhaps seven years old would be a minimum since the player will need to be able to read instructions, hints and solve puzzles.

How fun?

The atmosphere is quite friendly, quite neutral also. You might not want to play the whole game in one go because of interest and suspense but if you discover how to open a locked door with some hidden code you will probably rush to it because solving puzzles like that is fun.

Even if this game isn’t the most attractive it still deserves to be recognized as good and something you will want to play until the end and that children will really enjoy too.

Bugs/No bugs?

Finished the game without any bugs appearing.


If you enjoy these kind of puzzle games you should definitely give it a try. It has variation and functions well with no bugs. A bit short but fun.

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