Rayman Jungle Run


Rayman Jungle Run

What is Rayman Jungle Run

Maybe you already know Rayman Origins, by Ubisoft, and need no introduction to what this game is. For others I will describe it in a few words: the character runs through different platforms and your goal is to get him to end by jumping, flying, punching and to collect as many little yellow beings as possible.


The gameplay is one of the simplest to describe from anything we have reviewed on Blahblapp. You are Rayman running across the platform and you need to jump, sometimes fly and sometimes even punch to get to the end. On your way you will need to avoid falling into the nothing otherwise you will die obviously and have to start again. You also need to watch out for spikes and sometimes even enemies who will try to clobber you. However what is probably most challenging on most levels is picking up all the yellow beings (which could be for example coins in another game, the purple light balls in Balance Resurrection or the beings you need to save in Curvebot (see our review).
Here your performance on each level is rated out of 3 diamonds and you get all diamonds if you finish and have collected all “coins”. A blue diamond is the lowest, a blue and green is better but blue, green and red is best. Also, worlds are organized into 4 sections: “Jump”, “Fly”, “Wall Run”, “Punch”. All of these then have 9 normal levels within them and one special level which requires 5 red diamonds to be unlocked. The way these worlds work is not that in “Fly” you only fly etc, it is an accumulation; for example in “Wall Run” you can jump, fly and run up walls.

How nice?

Rayman Jungle run is very nice indeed. Especially the graphics, the music is a bit repetitive in my opinion (to be honest the worst is someone next to you playing games with the sound on). To be honest the music and FX are part of the game but you can switch off if you don’t like it, and music taste is clearly not something you can qualify as universal. On the other hand it is much safer to state than everyone will appreciate better HD graphics and beautiful environments more than simpler ones. After this small tangent about taste I can reveal to you that Rayman has impressively good graphics with a very high level of detail, great environments and Retina Display. So Rayman Jungle Run is gorgeous but also runs very smoothly and the music is mostly up to you but I believe it to be just alright.

How fun?

First of all, the difficulty is clearly progressive and that combined with addictiveness is possibly one of the best mixes. You will probably find yourself playing a level again and again to achieve a red diamond sometimes. You are in for your money’s worth concerning the amount of hours you could play. The HD cartoon graphics add to the fun as it is clearly better to have a clear-cut smooth environment. Especially if the game is addictive and you will probably play it quite often if you like the principle. As you play, your reactions will become faster since you master the game better however that also correlates with the game getting harder. This is obviously the way a good game should go and demonstrates Rayman Jungle Jump has been thought through in a way that will make the gameplay longer and not boring. Even 7 or 8 year olds might unlock the harder levels with perseverance.

Bugs/No bugs

It appears some people had problems with the new update as they lost all their previous progress. This, however, does not apply to you if you are about to buy Rayman Jungle Run.


In conclusion, Ubisoft has put into iOS format a game based on the oldest and simplest arcade games and of course Rayman Origins. But they have done this in a most skillful way and have created something quite addictive with impressive graphics. On the store for 9+ but practically 6 or 7 year olds can enjoy this perfectly. Overall a very good, simple but very well presented game. Perhaps too many in-app purchases and it can get very hard to complete levels to red diamond stage. But Rayman Jungle Jump is very addictive and challenging enough to be enjoyable.

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