Plague Inc.


Plague Inc.

What is it?

When I came across Plague Inc. on the AppStore I was quite surprised at the nature of the game. In essence, you are the bad guys ( a Plague), whose aim is to destroy the earth. Now being the evil and malicious one is not a completely new, 100% original brand new idea. But I was quite intrigued about this idea of being a virus or other form of illness and using strategy in a realistic environment to beat the world. Because that’s what it’s about: strategy and realism. And quite frankly I really like the idea, I think it stands out really nicely from the other games you find.


You start off by infecting one person in one country. You must then evolve to destroy all of humanity. The game plan is therefore quite simple. However you must achieve this with skills and tactics and need to adapt the right way to the human reactions. Since the world will not just roll over and die it will do everything in its power to stop your plague with all means possible. Concerning the evolution of your plague you have 3 main sections: Transmission, Symptoms and Abilities. Each of these sections has a few starting points which you can then build up. For example in Transmission you will have blood, birds, rodents, air, water and insects. All of these cost DNA points to unlock during the game and you may gain these points when your disease is successful and infecting or killing more and more people or when your disease enters a new country.

This is what I really appreciate about this game, it’s that when they claim it is a tactics game it is true. Because you need to make many thought through choices and the amount of possibilities is incredible.


Firstly, all 7 different types of diseases have special traits: Bacteria has unlimited potential, Virus mutates very easily, Fungus struggles to travel long distances. And Parasites, Prion, Nano-Virus and Bio-Weapon also have their own traits but you probably get my point by now. Also, you might be interested to know that before each game you have the choice between Casual, Normal, Brutal, Mega Brutal. Needless to say all of these have very specific traits, for example 67.3% of people wash hands in Normal and sick people are locked in prison in Brutal. To unlock the next Plague Type you must win a game in at least normal mode with your current Plague. Once you have decided this and taken note of the difficulty traits you can name your plague and then modify the Genetic Code. At first you will have nothing to modify but as you play you will unlock genes within all 5 sections of the genetic code. This basically means your Plague will have even more specific traits that you should take into account and utilize for your strategy. Within the game you must start by choosing the country where your Plague will begin. That is in itself a strategic choice since Plague Inc. is so realistic and things like temperature and the wealth of a country will affect your game. During the game you will control the evolution of the 3 main sections mentioned earlier, thus evolving the infectivity, severity and lethality. This game is not easy to win, you really need to think about what you do, plan well, make decisions such as making your Plague resistant to cold, drugs and evolve seemingly harmless symptoms such as sneezing and then spreading to the whole world for example. All of these cost DNA points and the traits get more and more expensive, for example paralysis is more expensive than sneezing. The overall strategy is important because of how the world reacts and once your disease is noticed the world will start a cure and if it reaches 100% you lose. If your disease kills all its hosts but there are people who haven’t been infected; you lose. You will need to find the right balance and strategy.

How nice?

Personally, I find that the graphics match Plague Inc. very well since it is a very realistic game the retina graphics are quite impressive and the user interface nice and clear-cut. Furthermore, this game also stands out because it is not only the graphics that are good but also the sound and music. The fact is that I actually like playing with the sound on more than off. This is because the music matches the game well, even though it is also good that you can listen to your own music at the same time as some games cannot even handle that, but also the sound of DNA points appearing and your disease entering new countries helps follow the game.

Moreover, you get pop ups during the game to help and inform you but you can turn these off and you can also save your game and quit but Plague Inc. will pause automatically when you leave the App unless you turn this options off. And during the game you can also fast forward which is something I use quite a lot actually.


Plague Inc review

Plague Inc review

How fun?

In my opinion, Plague Inc. is one of the best games I have found on the App Store as of yet. Even though I do not find it particularly addictive I enjoy launching it and trying to unblock the next Plague type every now and then. The environment is very nice and the principle is interesting and prompts you to think and use tactics making this a most well designed strategy game. Also, the fact that it can be quite challenging to win makes it even more fun in my mind. And it is challenging but not impossible setting a right balance and not making the game frustrating.

Bugs/No bugs

I am glad to say I have perceived no bugs making Plague Inc. even more impressive. However, you might be interested to know that there are quite a few in-app purchases. Just about over 40€ worth actually. Pretty much 40 times the worth of the original game. But I guess that’s alright as long as they aren’t promoted in your face every 5 minutes with push notifications, which clearly is not the case here.


In conclusion, Plague Inc. is a top quality strategy game and is very pleasant to play. It has a large amount of possibilities keeping the game entertaining. Overall it’s a great game but if strategy is not your type of game then maybe not but I would most definitely recommend this app as it isn’t even very expensive if you look at how complete and well designed it is.

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