Pettson’s Inventions Deluxe – Review


Pettson’s Inventions Deluxe – Review

What is Pettson’s Inventions?

Pettson’s Inventions Deluxe, by Filimundus is a game aiming at children to use their sense of creativity to create inventions that most often help someone in some way.

The inventions come under the form of funny contraptions that the player builds piece by piece. Each piece interacts with another, building ultimately the bigger machine.

This type of contraption game is not really new. The first games of the genre date back in the 80s. The Incredible Machines game is one famous example. The modern tablets are a great vehicle for this type of app and a great opportunity to reinvent the genre.

Pettson’s Inventions is closer to a puzzle than a fully creative game as each piece can come into one place in the scene and only one place. We’ll see if and how Filimundus managed to make this app fun.


As stated above, the gameplay is quite similar to one of a puzzle except that here not all the pieces need to be used. They are presented to you on the side of the “puzzle” and you have to use your logic and think to deduce which pieces need to be used. Interestingly, although each piece can go to only one place on screen, trying to place them at random does not work. You will inevitably try that, as I did. But the level of precision required to place the pieces is such that random will not do. This level of precision is extremely well measured because once you know where to put the pieces they fit immediately.

Finding the right place can actually be quite hard sometimes but there is always success and satisfaction in the end. This means that since the difficulty of the game is well balanced the person playing will still be challenged but not to an extent where he/she will hate the game.

There are 2 playing modes:

Pettson's Inventions ReviewThe solo mode starts with the stage of the invention presented to the player. Then, the task is given to the apprentice inventor. The difficulty can vary. Depending on how you apprehend the scene in your mind, it can take a while to solve, adding to the fun.

There is also a VS version where two players can each race on finishing randomly chosen puzzles. The player who finishes first 5 times is the winner. This is adding a competitive angle to a game that is naturally played solo.

Pettson’s Inventions is offering 66 puzzles to solve. That is not bad indeed!

All in all, the gameplay is excellent.

How nice?

This game scores quite highly on its graphics since they are quite appealing and also very often fun, combined with the sounds.

It’s very nice to look at and it doesn’t get boring. The designs of the people animals are enjoyable for the kids and its does not get boring. Even though it is often repeated that you have “won a gold star” the manner in which it is done stays entertaining.

We can note that the music is very well matching the graphical design. It is not extremely varied but surprisingly enough does not get irritating. It is, on the contrary adding to the atmosphere. Good work!

Pettson's Inventions ReviewHow fun?

No doubt here, it is definitely a fun game for kids and also for adults. The VS version, although not adding any new puzzle, is a good addition and nice to play from time to time.

The obvious limitation of the game is that once you have done the puzzles you hardly do them again with the same enjoyment.

Bugs/No bugs

Pettson’s Inventions was free of any bug during our test, and we have done all the puzzles and played several vs games. Sounds like a solid app!


Would recommend this game without hesitation. It is smart, elegant and intelligent in its design and highly entertaining. Even once every star in single player mode is won each invention can be done again. And the VS mode is a strong plus as well. It is good value for money. Do not hesitate to buy if you are looking for something original.

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