Monopoly Review


Monopoly The World Edition Review


What is it?

It’s Monopoly! Need I say more about what exactly this App is? It is Monopoly as we all know it, designed by Electronic Arts, where the players move around the board buying and trading properties then evolving and developing their properties with houses and hotels, and collecting rent from the other players. The ultimate goal being to drive them into bankruptcy and dominating the market.


It’s about management. You may throw the dice and then land on an unbought property which you may purchase but you might also decide not to and it then goes into auction were every player can bid the amount he wishes to pay for that property. Or you might land on a bought property and pay rent to the owner and you could also decide after that to manage your own places and build houses/hotels.

This illustrates well that the game is simple yet full of options that bring diversity to it and keep the gameplay interesting.

Also, to be able to buy houses and hotels you will need to have all colours of a set of properties as they all come in sets. For example Sydney, New York and London and are red.

Moreover, there is the possibility of playing with a local network with wifi or bluetooth and you can also play table top mode where the game is designed as if you were really playing on a table and everyone has their own view from their corner of the table, this can also be played alone with only AI but the point of it seems more appropriate if you are actually playing on a table with friends or family with the iPad in the middle.

 How nice?

The design of this game is in fact very nice. From the dice that can be a colour of your choice to the table, room and overall setting which you can also choose everything is very well designed. Even the movement of each player (baseball glove, Russian dolls etc…) adds to the overall entertainment and pleasure of playing this game. Even the spinning of the dice is impressively realistic and every detail shows that the amount of work put into this game is quite significant, as nothing has been neglected.

Furthermore, you may also notice that the properties you purchase will be on the table as they would be if you were playing in real life and turn around if mortgaged.

Concerning the music and sound effects it shouldn’t get on your nerves as some games might do and it fits well with the rest of the game. The little effects like the sound of the dice and the sound you will associate to winning or loosing money is also very acceptable and actually might even add to the game.

In conclusion the sound and very high quality graphics are what make the game complete and fully enjoyable.

 How fun?

The principle itself of the game you might or might not enjoy but if you enjoy a game of monopoly I can guarantee this game is for you. And it presents the advantage that you can play anywhere as long as you have your iPad. It also presents the advantage that you might want to play with someone but also add an artificial intelligence, which can have different difficulty levels.

Moreover, this is not a game that you finish then never play again, one game can last hours or a short length of time but you will always want to play again at some point. And it is also interesting, as you will need to make decisions and manage what you have. There is also a right balance meaning you will not win every time but the game is designed to be fair so you won’t lose all the time either. This also means that the computer players are exactly the level you choose and you can clearly see the difference between, for example, easy and medium as the AI will make different moves and make different decisions concerning bargaining and such making it adapted to the level you chose.You have the choice between very easy, easy, medium and hard

The game in itself and the rules are the same we know from the monopoly board game but the work and effort that has been put into this App is very obvious and makes this very fun and keeps Monopoly interesting.

 Bugs/No bugs?

Absolutely no bugs found after playing several games. Excellent quality from EA!


 Fits the standards you would expect for such a worldwide famous game maybe even exceeds them slightly. Personally cannot think of anything missing or things that could make it better, perhaps the indication “4+” is slightly unrealistic but that is all. It is fun for kids and grown ups, easy to play yet still presents a challenge that makes it interesting and the overall design makes it extremely enjoyable to play with.


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