Inventioneers (full version)


What is it?

Pettson’s invention deluxe, which we have also reviewed, is what I first thought of when trying this game. It is based on the same principle where you have elements at your disposal and have to place them in a way to reach your goal.
However Inventioneers is probably more complicated, and also has more levels. Also it should be mentioned that both games are from the same Studio which made this quite interesting.


First of all, you are presented with what you need to achieve, raw materials and the set up that goes with that level. And what differentiates Inventioneers form Pettson’s Invention is that objects do not just have one set place where you can put them. On the contrary you have to try several times, see what happens and make the right combinations to get what you need. The objects you have can be almost anything, you are often given things such as ropes, coconuts, balloons, canons, tubes, ventilators, alarms, mirrors. You must then use your creativity and logic to utilise these the best way possible. As you can also collect 3 stars on your way to the goal if you manage to make it all perfect but this can sometimes take a lot of working out. That is why you could also qualify this as an educative game as well as a puzzle since it brings physics more into perspective. However since it can get challenging at times I believe it would not be boring for an adult to play with a kid.
Moreover, there are 6 chapters (fields, nursery, kitchen…) which include 84 levels in total meaning many many hours of gameplay.
However, what I am talking about here is the full version which you purchase after getting the free version of the game.

How fun?

Since there are that many levels it needs to stay entertaining and, for me, inventioneers has managed to do that. Since you do not get a feeling of repetition and boredom after a few levels. The difficulty is quite progressive but never impossible. So a level might take long but you should eventually find the solution. Furthermore, the animations and design also play a part in making this game more attractive and make it all fun. You do not get the impression that the main purpose is education. Also, another element of fun is that there is no separate multiplayer mode but you can easily try to solve the problem with another person. However it should be said that Pettson’s offers a proper two player mode which made makes it more fun depending on who the game is for and your preferences.

How nice?

The graphics are the right mix of high quality design and fun childish cartoon. This shows that the game has been well designed and time and thought has went into the process of making it. This means the drawings are fairly simple but the perfect atmosphere for a kids puzzle. And for the music it is different for every chapter and isn’t one of those really annoying obnoxious themes.

Bugs/ No bugs

Very fortunately there are no bugs and you can enjoy the game without any worries. It does not, however, work on the iPhone 4 and requires at least iOS 7.


In conclusion, I find this game well balanced. With a mix of simple and childish but also educative, fun and complex. This is most certainly a good purchase for 1,79€. And frankly, it says 9 to 11 years old for inventioneers but even younger than that can attempt the puzzles and succeed (perhaps a bit more slowly) and have fun. On one hand you could say that this is nothing really new compared to Pettson’s but on the other hand you could say that the gameplay and that the audience target are different.

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