Hitman Go


Hitman Go


What is it?

After reviewing Plague Inc. and Bio Inc. it seems I am on a winning streak for strategy games. As I have now found Hitman Go. This time it is a turn based puzzle were your piece is a hitman and you need to reach your target destination. Here you need to plan ahead and co-ordinate your moves correctly whereas the previously mentioned games are real-time reactions.


Basically, you have a start point and a marked end point and need to reach it without being taken out by the guards. To achieve this you will need to think ahead because each step you take means the guards move as well (except the stationary ones obviously). This may prove to be very hard sometimes when you are required to anticipate the movement of 5 different guards. However, I believe that the strong element of this game is that it isn’t just a simple puzzle with a board and simple pieces. But that it has interesting and entertaining graphics and you will kill security guards and your targets. Because if you think about it this could have been a very simple platform with the squares to which you can move and some wooden pieces to serve as enemies. But no. There is a clearly much more attractive and entertaining side to being a hired killer and finding a way to sneak past the guards or get through by killing them. You may even do things like use the environment around you and hide in a bush or throw a rock to distract guards.
The way this game is constructed is that you have a few chapters within which you have a number of small levels which then ultimately lead you to the final level where you kill your prime target. Then, if you have earned enough points the next chapter in unlocked and so on. To then earn these points each levels gives you three objectives giving you on point each. These will vary but the one that automatically gives you a point is completing the level. Then there are things such as being able to pick up a suitcase on your way, which also adds to the whole hitman entertainment part. And finally, it might be something such as completing the level with 20 turns or less or killing al the guards or on the contrary killing none. You then collect these points at each level and you are required to have a certain amount to unlock the next chapter.

How nice?

In my opinion, one of the key elements that make this game stand out is how nice it is with its diorama-style set pieces, and the overall environment. The movements, sounds and graphics are all very smooth and the pieces feel like they could be real board game pieces. I must admit I struggle to think of anything negative really. The design is simple and of a really good quality but also entertaining and innovative. Because it does, in my opinion, stand out from other games in its design aspect which is probably what caught my attention in the first place. Also, the very different maps and ambiances create some change through the game which is quite good. In this way the setting does not get boring.

How fun?

Here, it is better if you are a problem solving or puzzle game type fan. Because you will feel no satisfaction in completing levels if you’re more into arcade games and such. Especially since the difficulty level increases and you will probably be stuck for a while every now and then. That is actually, in my opinion, part of what makes this game fun as well as the graphics and overall gameplay. It is the fact that sometimes it will take you a long time before finishing a level and you will need to be good to unlock the next level. Of course you may use hints and buy hint packages as in-app purchases. But in the end you will have to just be good since I am guessing you don’t want to pay for all your levels to be unlocked and finished for you. On the other hand, it is not impossible either to find a solution otherwise that would just be annoying. There is a right balance and you need to be clever and think ahead to complete the level. In a sense Hitman Go could be comparable to something like chess in the aspect that nothing is left to chance and you can try to foresee what will happen as a consequence of each move.

Bugs/No bugs

No bugs have been found as of yet. Congratulations to Square Enix Inc for that.


Overall, this game is fun, smart and well designed. The fact that it is all that and has no bugs is even greater and makes this a very enjoyable puzzle-like tactics game. The fact that you have to pay for extra hints and such is sort of annoying but to be honest the aim is to find the solution for yourself anyway. This is typically the kind of game you take out when you are let’s say waiting for something and you attempt tho finish that level that previously seemed too hard.

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