Freeze Game Review


Freeze Game Review

I can’t quite remember how I put my hands on Freeze. I like puzzle games and I got intrigued when I saw the design. The gameplay looked simple yet interesting. I decided to give it a try.

The Gameplay

Freeze is a Puzzle. It relies on simple principles: Physics. You have a ball inside a contraption containing plenty of dangers that will blow-up the ball. Your task is to bring the ball to its target safely. To do so, you mostly can turn the contraption around a pivot with your finger and press a Freeze button that will freeze the ball where it is, allowing in many case to not fall on a sharp angle.

How nice?

Freeze Game ReviewThe authors of the game have chosen a very depressing world to play in. They have managed to make a very recognizable and original world. The total lack of colours is very surprising but is making artistic sense. Saying that, I am not a big fan of depressing worlds, especially when I am trying to have fun. So, I can only recognize the artistic originality but have to say that I am not a huge fan. A matter of taste, obviously, and you just have to check the screenshots to make an educated opinion.

How easy?

It takes about 5mn to learn and master. Anyone able to understand the physics of a falling object can play. The strategy to get to the target place might get tricky at times. But this is the whole point, isn’t it? The gradual increase in difficulty is well thought.

How fun?

Like most games based on a very simple principle, it is fun to play with. I found myself hooked for much longer than I initially expected. The puzzles are well thought and tricky enough to be interesting. So, yes, it is a good game.


Freeze is a good puzzle game. No question about it. I did not get further than the first world with it at the time of this review but all the levels I played were promising. I’d expect the next levels to be creative and entertaining.