Day of the Viking


Day of the Viking


What is it?

Day of the Vikings is perhaps not a very innovative game since there are already a few castle protection games out there. But in essence you need to protect your castle and the princess from hordes of savage Vikings who are trying to invade. You need to defend using your archers and slingshot.

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Here again, this is one of those games that are fun and have very simple rules. If you tap somewhere your archers will shoot there and you will also be able to use a slingshot against the Vikings. How is this game challenging in any way then you might ask? Well, simply because there are different types of Vikings, some are faster than others, but some need several arrows to die and reloading takes time. And described like this it might sound a bit dull but trust me, as you play you will want to protect your castle and Vikings is quite addictive. Also, some Vikings are faster but don’t take a lot to kill, some are slower but take several arrows to kill which brings in an element of difficulty. Moreover, another feature is that there are also weather aspects, for example if there is a strong wind against you the rocks from your slingshot won’t reach far at all.
During the game you will accumulate points for killing the Vikings and getting extra points form things like “jump kills”. These then accumulate and allow you to purchase things like an extra archer or a longer slingshot range. And there are also 3 objectives within each level and every one you manage to complete will give you a star, the stars are necessary to unlock the other seasons. Once these seasons finished you have access to the never ending level. A negative here would be that the points you accumulate seem quite low compared to the prices of the upgrades, this is evidently to push to in-app purchases.

How nice?

In my opinion, the cartoonish aspect and the funny kind of dialogues the soldiers, princess and Vikings have make this a very nice and amusing game. Since the principle of the game itself is not unique, I believe it is the humoristic approach and the fun graphics that make this game stand out. Moreover, the accuracy of the slingshot and the overall use of physics add to the game and therefore it is more enjoyable and easier to play. However the graphics are fun but not necessarily the best quality.


How fun?

As I found this game I became quite addicted to it actually. I think the reason for this is that new things keep happening all the time. As in new types of levels, enemies and even projectiles for the slingshot, there is a point where you need to also score by making the rocks go into a Viking goal as well as to kill them. You also end up throwing a cactus, a bowling ball and even a statue at the Vikings. You should watch out though as the addiction might wear out after a bit but I suppose that is just normal with any game perhaps.

Furthermore, it is useful to add that killing these Vikings can be fun for 8 year old as well as adults I believe, therefore you could be buying this game for yourself or for your kid.


Bugs/No bugs

There seem to be no bugs luckily.


Vikings is admittedly neither a complicated nor completely new game in itself, but the way it is presented with the fun graphics, gameplay and dialogues it certainly beats all the other of its kind for me.

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