Curvebot Review


Curvebot Evolved

What is it?

Curvebot belongs to the Arcade game section and the principle is that you are a robot trying to save little beings on different platforms. And to save them you need to cut out at least 80% of the land without the robots stopping you and your time (hope) running out. Curvebot review


As you might have guessed from the name you are a robot. But here you are cutting out chunks of a land and the principle is that as you cut out a piece of land, no matter how large, your hope, meaning your time, refills and you have to do so without that enemy robots bumping into you.

It can be tricky sometimes to make a cut, as you obviously cannot cut out the beings you are trying to save and ideally you will want to cut a good percentage, since you need a minimum of 80% to win and there are also many different shaped platforms, which adds to keeping the game interesting.

The rules and principle of the game are easy to grasp therefore you can concentrate on improving your gameplay and evolving through the increasingly difficult and varied levels. When you finish a level you are marked out of 3 stars depending on how well you managed to cut the terrain.

How nice?

Curvebot is played on many planets throughout the galaxy and the designers have done what you would expect for the game to be really enjoyable.

The graphics are quite detailed, for example, even the line that you are cutting is precise and the overall design is clean and clear to put you into this galaxy like atmosphere.

Moreover, a positive is that the music style matches the game perfectly meaning you barely notice it, as in it should not get on your nerves whilst playing.

Overall the designs are good but perhaps not the best there is and it could be better. Maybe this reflects the fact that the game has not been updated for quite some time now. Not saying that it ruins the game or is unbearable of course but that is a point that could be better.

How fun?

The principle of the game itself is quite interesting and original. The rules are straightforward and you know what you need to do. The time limitation is what motivates you to seize opportunities when there are no nearby enemy robots and such meaning that this adds to the excitement of the game and the challenge since you feel you need to hurry for fear that a robot might cut your line and ruin your work.
Also the increasing difficulty is very well handled since the intelligence, speed, number and type of robots changes. Not only that, the shape of the land is always different meaning you need to develop new strategies every time which is obviously a positive since it keep since it keeps the game from getting boring. But there is also a right balance with difficulty and advantages because of the items that can collect when cutting chunks of the map, for example speed perks and perks affecting the robots.

Concerning the length of the game the amount of levels is quite impressive and there is enough for hours of gaming. Also there is a whole section of challenges you can complete.

Bugs/No bugs

No bugs noticed at all after many hours of playing.


Winning can actually get hard so if the App is for a child perhaps 10 years old would be ideal but obviously this game is fun for adults too.
The whole game is very well developed and the concept of Curvebot is fun and original. Worth buying really.

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