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Bio Inc.

What is it?

Recently, I have reviewed Plague Inc. where you need to create a disease and evolve to destroy all of humanity. Here, in Bio Inc., your purpose is quite similar except that it is a bit more focused as you just need to kill one person. Just like in Plague Inc. you will need to be strategic and utilize the extremely realistic features of the game.

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You start off by having a healthy victim and need to end up killing the person. You will need to develop a strategy by using the 3 sections available to you and react appropriately to the surroundings, for example if your victim goes to the doctor and starts taking vitamins. These 3 main sections are: Diseases, Risk Factors and Recovery. Within these you have many options and chains you may create, there are also frighteningly realistic. To evolve these you will get Bio points which will appear during the game on different parts of the body and you need to get them before they disappear. The Diseases parts involves over 100 and all realistic diseases categorized into body sections: Circulatory, Respiratory, Digestive, Nervous, Muscular, Renal, Skeletal, Immune. The first Diseases in each chain are quite soft and evolve to being more aggressive, you cannot start straight away with a life threatening disease. Sometimes you will need to combine things, perhaps a certain disease requires another one or you might even need a risk factor to go with the disease. For example you are required to evolve Smoker to then evolve Lung Cancer. The Risk Factors include things such as Alcoholic, Workaholic, Allergies, Obese. Here again you cannot jump straight to any risk factor you like, you need to evolve through the chain. The Recovery factors are quite interesting as you can really adapt them to what is happening: if you want to delay the time before your victim goes to the doctor you make him scared of doctors, if he is sent to the hospital put the nurses on strike, if he is prescribed pills make him take placebos etc…

During the game you will see all the different body sections weaken as your aim is to take them all from 100% to 0% (system failure). As this happens you will see real-time degradations with the exceptional graphics. You will also be challenged by the recovery bar and loose if it reaches 100% and you didn’t kill your victim. Moreover, there is also a Immune System shield which you can weaken as you evolve your diseases.

Before you start the game you will choose a level which states the stage of your victim in the beginning of the game. This starts at Unhealthy and ends at the Impossible Stage, there is a total of 12 levels which all have their own description, for example “Overweight, sedentary, junk food addict and smoker” for Unhealthy. You may then name your victim and decide between Mild, Moderate and Severe difficulty. As you complete levels you gain stars (Mild: 1 star, Moderate: 2 stars, Severe: 3 stars) and unlock the next stages.

How nice?

In one word: impressive. I would also say perhaps even better than Plague Inc. because of the level of details you get with things such as the real-time degradation. But also everything is very smooth, the way messages appear is good, the sound effects are just right and even help you with the game. It is all really aesthetic and nice to look at. Moreover, there are no in-app purchases and therefore no constant notifications or pop-ups. Some of the settings also add to how nice the overall gameplay is. You might want to turn the tips off and you can also leave the game without losing your progress as it will be saved. Lastly, a good point is that this game exists in English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish and Russian.

How fun?

Here I am tempted to say that this is even more fun than Plague Inc. perhaps because it is more focused and I personally feel like you have more options here. Furthermore, the descriptions with all the bio-medical conditions are almost scarring because of how detailed and realistic they are. To be honest I almost felt bad about myself when evolving to some things. Another thing which I would say I feel more in Bio Inc. is the addictive side to it. There are clearly endless hours of gaming and a multitude of possible ways of playing and this is perhaps why I find this more addictive and want to play more often. One of the elements which adds to the addictiveness I would say is that it is hard enough to finish levels but not impossible though.

Bugs/No bugs

It seems I was lucky as I purchased this game after certain bugs had been fixed. And therefore I am happy to say I have found none and my gameplay was not hindered by any bugs. Also it is very satisfying in a way to see that there are no in-app purchases and that I have bought the whole game and am not missing out on a quantity of levels as it seems to be the case in Plague Inc.


Overall, I find Bio Inc. to be one of or maybe even the best strategy game on the AppStore at the moment. It is very similar to Plague Inc. which is also a very good game but I find the more narrow focus more addictive and very entertaining. The stunning graphics make it all complete and I can assure you that it is a most enjoyable game and strongly recommend it.

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