Bean Dreams


Bean dreams


What is it?

A pure classic platformer made as simple as possible. You are a bean and all you can do is jump right and left to reach your goals. And yet very high quality graphics and a great gameplay.

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It takes only seconds to understand the game. You are a bean in a dreamy world who can only jump and you need to guide it left and right, use the platform to help you, bounce off enemies, collect fruits, get your oxolotl friend and reach the goal.

Bean dream uses the classic rules of platform games therefore it comes only naturally that jumping off the spider will kill it and make you bounce higher. Also, you see the fruits: you collect them. It’s all obvious. However something which I did not expect is that the amount of jumps matters. This means that you can get bronze, silver and gold medal if you manage to do it in the amount assigned to that level. Therefore, if you manage to get all fruits, get the oxolotl and complete in minimum amount of jumps one level can give you a maximum of 5 stars. These stars then go to unlocking the next dream world. However, what you do need to do is that it is not necessary to achieve all of that in one go as you may work on a level. You can, for example, get the oxoltl and the fruits one time and then do it again with very few jumps, previously earned badges do not get lost.


How fun?

This game is tremendously fun! And also very very addictive. I believe this is possibly the best platformer game on iOS. It is so simple and yet so entertaining. It is hard to explain why but perhaps it is because of how smoothly the game flows and that you can control it really well. Therefore it is the idea and the quality that has been worked to it which makes the game so good. Moreover, the fact that you can play on a level several times to get all the stars, which you need to unlock the other worlds, means more challenge and more fun. You can honestly get quite good at this game and it is addictive for all ages I would say. You have several hours of game here and other dream worlds are said to be coming out soon so even once finished you can hope for more. For now you have 40 levels within 8 worlds.


How nice?

The retro style in retina quality is simply perfect as it adds to the charm of the game. It is all so simple but in a beautiful dreamy world. You have a world of candy, baths, donjon etc. And you enjoy all of them as they each have different features. In some you can swim, in another you can use a chilly to boost some jumps, this shows that different levels stay entertaining and it does not get repetitive and boring. Moreover, the music is perfect for bean quest as it also conveys the retro style that Komobius has chosen to go with.


Bugs/No bugs

To top it all off I have found no bugs whilst completing all 8 worlds.


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In conclusion I am glad to have found this game. Whether you are looking for a simple and fun game for adult or kid it is perfect. A great retro style, graphic design and gameplay but very easy to control, retina and great fun.

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