Ballance Resurrection


Ballance Resurrection


What is Balance Resurrection?

You might have come across Marble Madness or Ballance in the past. If you have then you’ll guess from the name “Balance Resurrection” that the principle is the same. If you haven’t then it is quite simple: it’s a 3D game which combines elements of arcade and a bit of puzzle. The character is a ball which you guide through different levels using simple and realistic physics.


Firstly, this game consists of 12 levels and you always need to finish the previous one to unlock the next and your performance is graded out of 3 stars depending on your score. There is no time limit which makes this a more relaxed game. But there are purple glowing forms for you to collect during your journey, these will usually be placed in slightly more tricky locations to add a bit of difficulty of course.

Inside the level itself you have checkpoints and you resurrect at your latest one if your ball falls off the platform in which case you lose a life (you always start a new game with 5). Also, during the game you might come across places where you can change the material of your ball, there is wood, stone and paper and you will need to use your logic and physics knowledge to determine how to use this. Moreover, to keep the game interesting your platform will keep varying. This means you might start slightly tilted to the side and then find flat ground with obstacles you need to move or a series of speedy descents.

How nice?

This section is actually quite positive, as there are a few options in Ballance Resurrection which add quite a lot to how enjoyable the game is. For example you can set the graphic quality from medium, high and very high. Your choice might depend of how fast your device runs this app. But the graphics are genuinely very good and the whole surrounding fits the peaceful side of the game. Also you can play using G-control where you tilt the iPad to move the ball or Touch where you use arrows to direct the ball and handle the speed. And since you can decide on these details to make the game as fitted for your personal preferences as possible it makes this games even nicer and more fun to play. Concerning the music and FX I wouldn’t say it is the strongest part of the game and I must admit to usually playing with the sound off.

How fun?

The principle is very simple but it is also very fun for all age groups and the great 3D and high quality graphics add to its addictive side. A big part of the fun is that your success depends completely on your ability to handle the physics: how much do you need to tilt for speed and when you should slow down, turn, move the obstacles etc. Moreover, as it’s all about physics and logic, since this is an arcade/puzzle game, it is fun for any age group. Also the iPad and iPhone version are the same with the same quality and gameplay so the fun applies to all devices. Something you might notice is that the levels get more and more challenging. But this should also correspond with the game getting more and more addictive and that you want to beat the obstacles and get to the end.

Bugs/No Bugs

The one bug we have noticed is that if the platform is for example tilted and you tilt the iPad the ball does not respond logically. Perhaps this is a calibration error with my iPad but the solution to this is to switch playing mode to “touch”. Otherwise the design seems solid and the last update is from Jun 20 2014 meaning it is kept to date.


A negative point I would raise in this conclusion is the fact that there are only 12 levels. Admittedly they are all of decent length and can take some time to finish and the price isn’t excessive. But the game is fun therefore more would be appreciated. Which therefore shows that Ballance Resurrection is good I believe since it demonstrates a level of addiction and quality high enough for the player to want more. Overall, the price is probably quite good actually because once you buy it works on iPhone and iPad. Of course this game is perhaps not the kind you like but it seems to me quite universal. You might even be able to speculate that young children who play this could learn about physics rules in general?

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