The Adventures of Peter Pan – App Review


The Adventures of Peter Pan App Review

I purchased Peter Pan along a long series of ebooks/games for children. There is nothing like it to get some peace when driving a long way with young children. It is also a great way to discover classic books with an entertaining approach. And who did not dream of being Peter Pan or Wendy or the lost boys?


This type of app is between game, ebook and education. What one does with it can vary a bit. So, I will review with sub-sections:


This Chocolapps series is not very much entering the Game category. The level of interaction “just for fun” is nonexistent. It would not be fair to assess the gameplay.


As a book, Peter Pan is doing  different job depending if you are using an iPhone or an iPad.
iPad: On the iPad, the book is read to you while the text is highlighted at the pace of the reading. This feature should help a young reader to follow the story in writing while listening to it. The idea is very good and the implementation excellent. On the other hand, I could not find a way to get the text without the voice reading it to you. So, if your child wished to read the book on his/her own, it’s no luck. This is very surprising as one would expect that turning the voice off would be extremely easy to do.
iPhone: here the behavior is different. The book is read loudly to the child but without the text on screen. Only the animated illustrations are on the screen. Now, unlike with the iPad you can switch for the text instead of the images. In this case you get a static text without the voice. To be honest, I do not imagine a child switching for the text only. The look on screen is not very attractive (see iPhone screenshots). So, I would say that the iPhone version is very much of a storyteller with animated illustrations.


The Adventures of Peter Pan App ReviewAs we understand from the eBook section, the education aspect of the app depends greatly on the device. I would say that it is nil on the iPhone and great on the iPad. The iPad version allows several interesting features:

  • The text is highlighted while read to you. It is great for improving the child reading. The pace of the voice is natural without being too fast. Therefore the highlighted text is not frighteningly fast. It’s a very good point.
  • Chocolapps has tried to go beyond the obvious and has added the possibility to stop the voice and ask for explanations on a subset of words on the page. The words are underlined and touching them will bring either a synonym or a picture. The idea is good. I am not very much convinced by the efficiency of explaining words and concepts with only synonyms. Saying that, it is probably the simplest way to do it and once again not scare the child.
  • It is also possible to display the syllables of the text and identify the silent letters. Two other great features for someone who is learning how to read.
  • The application is provided with English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Portugese and Italian languages. That’s quite a lot. If you happen to be in an international family, it will be probably convenient.
  • If you really feel like it, you can also on the iPad version, change the font of the text for something closer to handwriting or all in capital. I am not sure what the objective is here but why not?
  • I would also note that the pages cannot be turned manually on the iPad but can be on the iPhone. I could not find a way to start at page 5 if I wanted to.


How Nice?

Adventures of Peter Pan App ReviewChocolapps is consistent with their illustrations. They are simple, colorful yet on the non-surprising side. I believe they have tried to make a very wide consensus with the style and shock absolutely nobody. As a result, they also fail to attract any attention. This is, for me, the weakest part of the app. This is also true to the music or the sound FX. There is not much to say about them. The images are animated, including things like a battle between Hook and Peter Pan. These animations are quite okay and more complex ones are not really necessary. I would notice, on the other hand, that the voice for reading the book is well done. It is gentle and warm without being boring. You feel like your big sister is reading the book to you. This is true for all the languages. That is an excellent. point!

How Easy?

The user interface is okay. There is nothing particular to say. Functions are reasonably easy to find. The Menu allows getting the book with or without the Movies. It also allows selecting the age of the user. I have to admit that I did not find what difference it was making.

How Fun?

Ultimately, when it comes to apps and children, things have to be fun. Based on my children, I would say that the app is reasonably fun. I mean my daughter is using the app from time to time on her own. She does not come back to it extremely often but she does. And she has used it for over a year now. It’s okay.


Peter Pan by Chocolapps is clearly targeting the Education segment. Their app is thought and developed with the kids learning to read at heart. As such it is a great job. The voice reading the text is very pleasant and contributes to the pleasure. The educational features are plentiful. Beyond the education, Peter Pan fails to be “beautiful” and “fun”. It might simply be in order to not get on the way of learning and not be a distraction. All in all, it is a very good app made with a lot of thought and quality at heart. I’d buy it again.