Hair Salon 2 Review


Hair Salon 2 Review

I found the Toca Boca Hair Salon 2 game just before a very long trip by car. I needed something to keep my daughter busy for as long as possible. Finding apps capable of catching a 6-year-old girl’s attention for hours is not an easy task. But boy, I have been lucky the day I found this one! This one is a nugget!

What is Hair Salon 2 ?

Toca Hair Salon 2 is about being a hairdresser. Basically, the player selects a character and then can use a big set of tools to make a new haircut to the boy or girl selected. The possibilities are numerous, from scissors to hair extender via colours and hair dryer. One would wonder how one could have fun making a haircut on a tablet; Toca is demonstrating it is definitely possible.


Hair Salon 2 ReviewIt is all about what you usual hairdresser does to your hair, but digital. You have a hell of a lot of tools to use like comb, scissors, razor, hair extension, dyer, shampoo, etc. There is also a set of accessories to place on the head for the final touch. The characters are pulling funny faces while working on their head and it looks all very much alive. There is no stress about time and the child can play at will until they have reached the satisfactory result.

Be ready to have your child coming to you every 10mn with a new masterpiece to admire!


If there is an educational value in this game, it is not in the traditional way. Playing has always had an educational value in itself and this game is no exception (some games are actually so poor that they are exceptions). The child is making a haircut from what is given to him/her. She has to use a set of tools that all have a specific result. There is plenty of room for creativity. So, I will score decently this app on this aspect.

How Nice?

In fact, this app is really nice. The graphic design is totally original. One gets attached to these characters very quickly. They all have a bit of craziness in them and make you smile when looking at them. The animations are of very good quality and you need to see the effect of the hair dryer to believe it! Hilarious!

How Easy?

The interface is piece of cake to use. Everything is in a logical place on screen and there is absolutely no need to teach how to use the app to your child.

How Fun?

Hair Salon 2 ReviewIf I believe how often and how long my daughter has used this app, it was money very very well placed. It is fun to use, fun to look at. You can take a snapshot of the haircut you make with the app and my iPad’s album now contains dozens of these.


I think that Toca has found there an extremely good concept. In fact, they don’t even call their apps “apps” but “digital toys” and I think they are absolutely right.

This app is a must have!

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